"He who manages to bring beauty to the heart of another human being with his hands.. has found his mission in life." dr. jorge krasovsky

Dr. Krasovsky´s Specialties

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is the medical specialty whose function is to bring normalcy and functional anatomical body coverage, ie..the shape of people.
With surgery,we seek to reconstruct and correct deformities and functional deficiencies by transforming...

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Aesthetic Surgery

The difference between cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery is sometimes imperceptible, because as already mentioned many cosmetic surgery procedures
come to settle a pathology that affects a function. . And besides, all cosmetic surgery...

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Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive or restorative surgery is one of the major areas of plastic surgery, but these techniques are also performed by other specialists: plastic surgeons, otolaryngologists, oral surgeons, ophthalmologists, oculoplastic surgery specialists, orthopedic surgeons,...

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